With each season, the Feel the Rhythm of Korea series promotes different regions of Korea in a fun and hip way. Watch and discover how each city bursts with dynamic energy!


“The Wind is Blowing” Jazz fills the heart at this trip to Jeju Island. This windy and rocky island gives you greater peace of mind in its relaxing atmosphere. How about a relaxing vacation surrounded by the sea, mountain, clear sky and music away from the busy city?

  • Saryeonisup Forest Trail(사려니숲길)

    This mystical forest has a lush green forest and surrounds you in nature.

  • Jeju Museum of Art(제주 도립미술관)

    An art museum located in the forest, the architecture against Jeju’s nature is a popular photo spot.

  • Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone(성산일출봉)

    This UNESCO World Heritage site resembles an enormous castle and has the most beautiful view of the sunrise.

  • Jeju Olle Trail(올레길)

    In Korean, olle are alleys that connect houses, however it is now more well-known name for trails. Jeju Olle Trails connect the most beautiful view points on Jeju Island.


City of steel, Pohang, is full of warmth not only from the smelting furnace but also the people. Discover the passionate and charismatic city of Pohang by following the beats to K-hiphop!

  • Space walk(스페이스워크)

    The rollercoaster-like metal structure allows you to walk high up in the sky. This attraction is characteristic of the city of steel, Pohang.

  • Jukdo market(죽도시장)

    Enjoy fresh seafood at Gyeongsangbuk-do’s largest traditional market.

  • Park 1538 (파크1538)

    Steel melts at 1,538 degrees Celsius! Park 1538 is an exhibition hall operated by POSCO and displays media art in the theme of steel.

  • Homigot (호미곶)

    Visit the easternmost coast of the Korean peninsula for a chance to witness an unforgettable sunrise.

Attractions in the Video

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  • Jeju 20
    Saryeoni Forest Trail (사려니숲길) View more
  • Jeju 20
    Jeongbangpokpo Falls (정방폭포) View more
  • Jeju 480
    The Seaes Hotel & Resort (씨에스 호텔& 리조트) View more
  • Jeju 480
    Jeju Museum of Art (제주도립미술관) View more
  • Pohang 12,345
    Homigot Lighthouse (호미곶 등대) View more
  • Pohang 12,345
    Guryongpo Beach (구룡포해수욕장) View more
  • Pohang 550
    Yeongildae Beach (영일대해수욕장) View more
  • Pohang 225
    Pohang Jukdo Market (포항 죽도시장) View more
  • Pohang 225
    Space Walk (스페이스워크) View more