With each season, the Feel the Rhythm of Korea series promotes different regions of Korea in a fun and hip way. Watch and discover how each city bursts with dynamic energy!


Busan, the second largest city and the first port city of Korea, is introduced with retro music. The retro vibe and hip atmosphere makes it all the more attractive.

The background music is called Come Back to Busan Port, a representative song of the city. Busan is also Jimin and Jung Kook’s hometown.

  • Busan Port(부산항)

    The name, Busan Port, carries the feeling of nostalgic longing for people and countless stories.

  • Namparang Trail(남파랑길)

    Namparang Trail shows Busan’s geographical charms by connecting the sea, forest, and city.

  • Oryukdo Islets(오륙도)

    Six rock islands that are often mistaken for five are surrounded by the vast open sea.

  • Gijang Market(기장시장)

    See the hustle and bustle of local folks at Gijang Market.


Every time a clip is released, viewers from around the world give amazing feedback. The one that stood out the most were comments from citizens of Daejeon asking to perk up their city! So the producers of Feel the Rhythm of Korea rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Check out the Daejeon clip and enjoy some rock n’ roll music!

  • Noodle Soup Restaurant(칼국수집)

    There are many noodle soup restaurants in Daejeon. It is also the first city that opened a noodle soup festival in Korea! Really shows their love for the dish!

  • Hanbit Tower(한빛탑)

    200 dancers followed a lively and energetic choreography in front of Hanbit Tower.

  • Indong Market(인동시장)

    This traditional market is the perfect spot to see the daily lives of people in a retro atmosphere.

Attractions in the Video

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  • Busan 1000
    Oryukdo Island [National Geopark] 오륙도 (부산 국가지질공원) View more
  • Busan 20,000
    Gijang Market (부산 기장시장) View more
  • Busan 20,000
    Gwangandaegyo Bridge (부산 광안대교) View more
  • Busan 20,000
    Marine City (마린시티) View more
  • Busan 20,000
    Songjeong Beach (송정해수욕장) View more
  • Busan 20,000
    Busan Cinema Center (부산 영화의 전당) View more
  • Daejeon
    Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) (대전 컨벤션센터) View more
  • Daejeon
    Daejeon Expo Park (대전엑스포과학공원) View more